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0th City of Izanagi

Name: · 0th City of Izanagi
· Integrated City of Izanagi
Kanji: · 第零都市「イザナギ」
· 統合都市「イザナギ」
Rōmaji: · Dai Zero Toshi "Izanagi"
· Tōgō Toshi "Izanagi"
Type: Hierarchical City

The 0th City of Izanagi is an Integrated Hierarchical City that is mentioned only in Material Collections.


Izanagi is first mentioned in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Material Collection's History section, where it is called the "Integrated City of Izanagi", which was completed in year 2111. Starting from BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Material Collection, it appears in the list of Hierarchical Cities as the "0th City of Izanagi", despite being listed in the History as an Integrated City without a number.

It is worth noting that it was said that there are only 23 Hierarchical Cities, which makes no place for Izanagi, although it appears in the list of those cities.


  • The 0th City of Izanagi is named after the Japanese god Izanagi no mikoto.
  • There are several similarities between Izanagi and the Magister's City: Ishana:
    • The Old Gate stage is the Cauldron of Ishana, and its location is "The 0th Rune City ISHANA".
    • "Izanagi" of Japanese mythology was based on "Ishana", an aspect of Shiva.

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