The 0th City of Izanagi (第零都市「イザナギ」 Dai-Zero Toshi “Izanagi”), also called as the Integrated City of Izanagi” (統合都市「イザナギ」 Tōgō Toshi “Izanagi”), is an Integrated Hierarchical City that is mentioned only in Material Collections.


Izanagi is first mentioned in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Material Collection’s history section, where it is called as the Integrated City of Izanagi, which was completed in year 2111. Starting from BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Material Collection, it appears in the list of Hierarchical Cities as the 0th City of Izanagi, despite being listed in the History as an Integrated City without a number.

It is worth noting that it was said that there are only 23 Hierarchical Cities, which makes no place for Izanagi, although it appears in the list of those cities.


  • The 0th City of Izanagi is named after the Japanese god Izanagi no Mikoto.
  • There are several similarities between Izanagi and the Magic City of Ishana:
    • The Old Gate stage is the Kiln of Ishana, and its location is “The 0th Rune City ISHANA”.
    • “Izanagi” of Japanese mythology was based on “Ishana”, an aspect of Shiva.

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